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A random thought over a few sun-drenched beers during the summer of 2014 has led to this costly, unhealthy, all-consuming, multi-year odyssey that, once completed, will likely bring about a collective..."huh". But, we do not collect unique bottle caps for glory, praise, or unspoken admiration...we collect them for the same reason Gregory Mallory decided to climb Mount Everest...because they are there! Well, yes, good point...Mr. Mallory did die a horrible, icy death on Everest, but we hope that this does not dissuade you from this noble effort. Please continue to raise your bottles skyward, save your caps, and help us to litter the shed's ceiling with the remains of your efforts. Godspeed beverage warriors and thank you for your continued commitment. We could not do it without you!​

Matt A.

Chris A.

Charlotte B.

Madison B.

Reagan B.

Paul B.

Kelly B.

Tom B.

Terry B.

Donald B.

Danielle B.

Brian B.

Jane B.

Eric B.

Mirella B.

Samantha C.

Beth C.

Chris C.

Mike C.

Secret Santa C.

Doug C.

Tommy D.

Phil D.

Kim D.

John D.

Mary D.

Rick D.

Bob D.

Don D.

Dave E.

Beth E.

Lisa E.

Neal E.

Scott E.

Jeff F.

Lori F.

John F.

Shannon F.

Bill F.

Weston F.

Maria G.

Bill G.

Darcy G.

Oscar G.

Scott G.

Teresa G.

Christine H.

Dan I.

Anya I.

Trish J.

Courtney K.

Jay K.

Suzzanne K.

Dave K.

Denise K.

Meghan K.

Drew K.

Cate K.

Cindy K.

Jeff K.

Thomas K.

Jeff L.

Sara L.

Matt M.

Deb M.

Joe M.

Scott M.

Brian M.

Bryan M.

Chuck O.

Michelle O.

Marc O.

Gary P.

Brian P.

John P. 

Gina P.

Jen P.

Oliver P.

Joe R.

Rui R.

Dina R.

Kristen R.

Walter R.

Paul R.

Steve S.

Jane S.

Lydia S.

Frieda S.

Jeff S.

Ken S.

Renee S.

Brian S.

Nick S.

David S.

Karen S.

MaryAnn S.

Michael S.

Mike S.

Jeff S.

Lindsey S.

Jody S.

Susan S.

Ed S.

Shaun S.

Vince S.

Christian T.

Silke T.

Randi T.

Sibel Y.


Did we miss you? If so, our sincerest apologies! We want to know asap at so that we may correct the omission:



The Story

The Donors


 Pending install


 En route




 Work to do


% Complete

The Progress

Sorry anarchists, the world has rules. Fortunately, the cap rules are simple. The bottle caps must (a) be from a beverage with at least a dash of alcohol and (b) must not precisely match another. Beers, wine coolers, bottled mixed drinks, and yes, even non-alcoholic beers with their 0.5% alcohol content qualify. Zima anyone? When in doubt, just pass the cap along and we will figure it out! 

The Rules











The Uniqute Cap Update

The Progress summary above shows that we have 7 more to find...well, the truth is they have been found! We have all of the caps that we need in inventory and soon the project will over. What started over Memorial Day weekend in 2014 will end just when I finish the last of the 26 beers left to be consumed...approximately 6 years, countless hours and an unfortunate amount of money and brain cells later. Thank you all for your contributions...especially the brain cells that you saved me!

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