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Am I a beer? Am I a soda? Am I a wine cooler from the movie Tron? The fact that I'm a pry-off seems to indicate that children should not be accessing the contents of my bottle but googling "robot skull long aero racing helmet beer" does not give me away. Do you know me?


Dieselpunk Porter

Thanks to Dale Shealy

I'm almost certainly a beer because, let's face it, who foils a soda cap? Given that 50% of the world's beers seems to be German or Belgian, and the Germans just don't foil their caps, I'm going to say that I'm most likely Belgian...which means I'm also probably 12% alcohol and truly horrible. Does anyone recognize me?


Delirium Nocturnum Belgian Ale

Ha! Nice try! I'm almost impossible to identify because no matter what other words accompany "red" and "stripe", google, bing, yahoo, and mozilla return nothing but that stupid but refreshing Jamaican beer. By the way, because of my foil, I am most likely Belgian but don't hold me to it.

Black strip of paper...that's all you get. No hints, no words, no logos. Pleased to meet you, I hope you guess my name!


Reverend Nat's Hard Cider

I'm the laziest cap ever. I guess I could have said nothing at all, but then again, I would have probably just been thrown away if I did. So here's what you know about me...I'm a twist off that opens counter-clockwise. You're welcome for nothing.


Maine Root Non-Alcoholic Ginger Brew...out you go!

Who Am I?

At times, we receive caps from friends...or friends of friends...or friends of relatives' neighbors' friends...but we do so without the benefit of knowing the beer that was once found beneath them. These caps are "the unknowns". The unknowns appear below. If you can identify any of them, please let us know at The identifiers of the unknowns are held in the highest esteem as they are obviously not only degenerate drinkers, but relievers of great angst. Please help if you can!

Something about me is familiar. You know me, don't you? But you just can't place my name, can you? I'm the John C. Reilly of bottle caps. Too bad John C. Reilly Brewing Company is not correct. Please try again.


Carling Black Label (Molson Coors)

Thanks to Eric Budesheim

I'm the latest addition to the unknowns and I give very little away. Apparently, I'm from a place where the ocean meets a mesa at sunset...or is it a butte? No, I'm pretty sure it's a mesa. Given the immense dent across my face, I'm not likely a twist off and for some reason I feel American. If you know me, please spill it.


Kannah Creek Brewing Co.

Thanks to Eric Budesheim

Am I Mrs. Garrett on Halloween? Am I your wife in 30 years? Am I Playboy Playmate of the Month June 1641? We just don't know....but maybe you do. If so, please let us know who this stone cold hottie is. All that we know is that she's at the top of a bottle with a cork and she's likely not cheap.


Veuve Clicquot Champagne

Thanks to Pascual Bort del Rio

If you stand back, stare directly at my center, and let your eyes unfocus, after around 20 minutes or so, you still will likely not be any closer to guessing to what drink I belong. Trust me, we've tried it! If you know me, please help us to break the spell!


Geaghan Brothers Brewing

Thanks to Jason Kassler/Brian Fandel

Okay, so this one is frustrating because it was purchased by us and consumed by a friend at our house. A lack of discipline caused us to miss the opportunity to write down the name before recycling day so it will reside here until one of you helpful drinkers can help us out. This black skull is painted on smooth orange foil and the crown capped a 750ml bottle. That's all we know. Please let us know if you know more!


Against the Grain Kentucky Ryed Chique

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